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At Platinion, the focus is naturally on project work. However, we are asked time and again to share our knowledge and experience. Below is a selection of publications we have authored or contributed to. Please note that the publications themselves are often available only in German.

Margin Optimization in Energy Sales

ew05/2014: Utilities move into a persistently difficult market environment - especially in the business segment of special contract customers.

Model Banks: One Route to Lean IT

Publication by Stefan Humburg and Jan P. Heck, April 2014: Inadequate application landscapes hamper efficient operations of many small and mid-sized banks. They suffer from IT complexity, in part as a result of being sourced from a wide range of vendors.

Solution approach harmonization

Banken & Sparkassen 06/2013: The historic period of low interest rates and the increasing banking regulation affect almost all areas of the banking business. The requirements of Basel 3 and MaRisk cause that banks are increasingly trying to expand lower-risk businesses. One of the core areas of business with increasing importance is the payment transaction

Why nobody wants to be responsible for SAP projects

Article in BeraterGuide 2014, December 2013: Despite proven "Critical Success Factors" for management of success large SAP projects often fail. Systematic studies show that targeted professional and technical support to project managers decisively influences the success positively.

High Performance Bank Steering

Study by BCG, Platinion, SAS; August 2013: Through the application of mature technology platforms, bank steering can be brought to its next higher level. Top-tier investment banks have leveraged recent technology advances, such as parallel computing, in-memory storage, and smart algorithms, to capitalize on the advantages of speed in trading.

What does an IT manager do at Platinion, Interview with S. Ley

E&M Energie und Karriere: 1st October 2013: For an IT consultant at Platinion, the only constant is change, continuing transformation and permanent variety. Thus far, not even one case resembles the other. Consistently, new topics, issues and challenges emerge and have to be solved. Only on one point almost all of my projects and work weeks are the same. As our customers are distributed throughout Germany, other European countries and partly even beyond, my week usually begins with a journey.

Assuming responsibility! Interview with Dr. H. Pfeiffer

Special edition "Talente der Zukunft" in the CAPITAL, 19th September 2013: Consultant is a challenging profession. At Platinion flexible and highly motivated IT professionals are in demand. However, there should be space for family provided.

Commercial Payment Solutions

Banken & Sparkassen 03/12: Market surveys conducted by Platinion and The Boston Consulting Group show, that European banks intensively deal with national payment transaction systems. Which advantages can be achieved by the use of standardized software?

Moving Beyond Compliance: How Banks Should Leverage Technology to Capitalize on Regulatory Change

Joint study of BCG, Platinion and SAS: A wave of regulatory reform is forcing banks to revisit the technology used to measure and manage risk. This presents an opportunity to develop IT capabilities that provide a more nuanced view of how and where banks utilize financial resources.

Mobile payments – Innovation without banks?

Banken & Sparkassen 4/2011: IT and Internet providers are currently entering the core area of banks and are offering alternative payment options via new channels (e.g. mobile devices, social networks). This article describes the impact of such innovative solutions with regards to the business models of established financial institutes and which risks, but also chances can result from it. The IT is one of the key success factors for the implementation of the shown strategies - whereas there are different challenges for the necessary transformation possibilities. (Article in German)

Jörg Wulftange, PhD
Jörg Wulftange, PhD
Associate Director at Platinion

"At Platinion, we take every opportunity for internal discussion of functional and technical issues."